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Clarifying the disciplines of UX (or #DTDT, part 1)

There is still a lot of confusion about what it is that us UX people do. Here is my attempt to clarify the field.

Many disciplines are usually associated with UX and most of them even have their professional bodies(UXPA, IA institute, IxDA). I will try to define what each is at its core. You will find that actually, their names are pretty explicit and easy to understand. Continue reading

Why the iPad UI matters, and how it differs from the Tablet PC, but also from the iPhone.

Here are the slightly updated slides from my presentation at UXCampLondon 1.5.

This is an in-depth look at the iPad user interface with guidelines and examples: what’s new, and what lessons were learned from theTablet PC concept and the iPhone’s  user interface.

If you think the iPad is just a bigger iPod, this presentation is for you.

View the slides on Slidshare (and make sure you read the notes!): Why the iPad UI matters, and how it differs from the Tablet PC, but also from the iPhone. 


The iPhone is not a great mobile phone, but I still love it.

This post is my reply to Jude Rattle’s own post, titled “I don’t love my iPhone”.

I actually agree with many of Jude’s points:

1, 2 & 5) Typing is in some ways harder than it used to be when you were used to physical keys and T9 text-prediction.

3) The switch between portrait and landscape mode can be annoying, especially when lying down. There should at least be a preference to disable for in each app.

4) When the iPhone is off, it is off, and will not start itself up on time to wake yourself up as an alarm clock. Which also means it is totally off, not in some standby mode.

7) The battery life is not great: my iPhone 3GS last little more than a day in normal use, years ago I had a Nokia 3210 that lasted 4-5 days.

So the iPhone is not a great mobile phone, I would actually agree with that.
Many users who only need a simple basic mobile phone, would be better served by cheaper and less fragile devices, such as my old Nokia 3210.

But what surprised me in that post was that it was not mentioning what makes an iPhone so much more than a mobile phone.
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Hackathons, developer’s conceptions, and how it negatively affects good UX. #ota09

The culmination of the Over the Air 09 conference is a developer competition. Over the 24h of the conference, developers are invited to code some application, with many prizes setup up by the organizers and the sponsors.

Sponsored categories ask for example how to provide a demonstration on how a sponsor’s product / API can be used. For example “Best BBC. com hack”, or “Best Lonely planet hack”. There are also general categories “Best use of WebApp/widget”, “Best hardware hack”, and the weirdly phrased “Best User Experience / Service Design”.

Sounds cool? Yeah, kind of. But to me such competitions, hackday or hackathon tend to encourage the worse of the typical developer mindset, which is often antinomic to delivering a good UX.

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