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Clarifying the disciplines of UX (or #DTDT, part 1)

There is still a lot of confusion about what it is that us UX people do. Here is my attempt to clarify the field.

Many disciplines are usually associated with UX and most of them even have their professional bodies(UXPA, IA institute, IxDA). I will try to define what each is at its core. You will find that actually, their names are pretty explicit and easy to understand. Continue reading

Why the Mac App Store’s user journey will make it a success

Mac App Store IconA couple of days ago, Apple launched the Mac App Store, a new way to find, buy, install and update applications for your Mac. It aims to replicate the success of the iPhone and iPad app stores. I believe it will be incredibly successful, breathing new life into the Mac software market by widely increasing the number of users installing (and paying for!) applications on their machine.

The reason is simple: the application purchase and installation process just got a million times easier, which for the first time brings it within reach of many users.

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My quibbles with Design Jam

Today I took part in an new kind of event, called Design Jam.

As Johanna Kollmann (one of the organizers) has already done an excellent job providing an explanation of the concept and a summary of the day on, I’ll simply advise you go ahead and read her post first if you did not attend the event.

Leisa Reichelt, one of the roaming mentors of the days, provided her own review of the day’s efforts, kindly phrased as constructive advice. I was going to simply drop a comment on her post, but since I kept rambling and did not want to hijack her post, I’m writing my own thoughts here.


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A reading mode for the web?

What is the main task I have to accomplish while reading an article on the web? The answer is obvious: the task is to read the article.
Yet looking at most websites, only a small part of the webpage actually supports this task. Safari Reader is the latest attempt to help users take matters into their hands.

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